Wednesday, May 23, 2012

SMART Tool for flipped classrooms, SPED students & more

The SMART recorder allows teacher to record both the activity on the SMART board as well as the presenters voice. These lessons can be easily uploaded to youtube and posted to your webpage, blog, or emailed out to your students. Of course, these could be used for years to come.  This tool can be useful for several reasons, a few I will outline in this post as well as provide a video tutorial of how to use this feature.

First, the flipped classroom. The SMART recorder allows you to record a lesson that you want your students to watch for homework. You could record before hand, in your classroom on your board or in your own home with a slate-like tool or using an iPad to the draw on the Notebook workspace.

Second, the SPED student or students with different modalities. Recording direct instruction during your lesson allows students with learning disabilities the ability to review your lesson at their own pace. Independent learners, and students that are uncomfortable asking for help will also benefit from being able to access the lesson on demand.

Third, students that are absent may view the lessons prior to returning to the classroom allowing for little to no catch up time.

Finally, students can be given the product key for the Notebook software and create their own mini-lesson that can be presented to the class or in a station activity.

NOTE: The software can record several hours, but it is recommended that video’s last from 5-15 minutes.

Watch a tutorial on how to use the SMART recorder and upload to


  1. Is this tool available on all Smart Boards or just the newer models?

  2. This feature is found in the SMART board software Notebook. It is available in previous versions of Notebook, although I am not sure how far back, but it is most likely it is in the version you have.
    I would HIGHLY recommend downloading the latest version, it is a lot less glitchy and there are some awesome new features, and it's all free. If you are using a Mac the download can be found here: