Monday, May 7, 2012

10 Tweet Tips

So many of us have been wanting to jump into the trend of Tweeting, but embarrassed to ask questions, like how do I set up an account and how do I share and join with others.  Well, no need for shame…you’re at the right place!  Twitter is a very useful and practical way to build your personal learning network (PLN).  Teachers from all over the globe can share and collaborate on ideas, rather than reinvent the wheel.

So how do you create an account?  Simple.  Visit or download the Twitter app on your mobile device.  Search for people that you know you want to follow or you can click on the “Discover” tab to find people to follow. You can always retweet information that is too good to be quiet about! Now check out the 10 Tweet Tips below to learn Twitter Etiquette.

10 Tweet Tips to Engage Followers:

Taken from “Ten Surefire Ways to Destroy Your Twitter Cred” by Beth Still.  Learning and Leading with Technology.


  1. Profile picture.  This helps personalize your page.

  2. Tweets and retweets.  Retweets are great, but also add your wisdom.

  3. Balance.  Share a variety of information to maintain interest.

  4. Inappropriate information.  Be professional and do not share information that you would not publicize to the world.

  5. Language.  Using foul language is a no-no, especially with educators.

  6. Slang and text lingo.  Twitter etiquette recommends standard English when tweeting, not slang or text lingo.

  7. Excessive blog promotion.  Strategize the best time of day to promote your blog, but do not post over and over until people are sick of reading about it.

  8. Retweeting a post you haven’t read.  Be sure you find the content to be valuable and appropriate.

  9. Self-control.  Twitter is NOT the place to start an argument.

  10. Drama/sympathy.  We all love sympathy, but Twitter is not a proper place to complain or vent too much.

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  1. I'm surprised by #6, I'm sure I used texting lingo in some of my past posts.
    As for #9, I suppose blogs are the best place for an "argument," though I like to consider them thought provoking discourse.
    I appreciated this post!