Friday, August 24, 2012

Welcome Back!!

Welcome back LVUSD faculty and staff!

The Media Specialists has been working hard to help the new school year start as smooth as possible. It may be helpful for you to know a few of the tasks we have completed in the last couple of days:

• Imported new students to the Library/Media Center Databases including Alexandria, Textbook Tracker, and Accelerated Reader. (We are working on Reading Counts now)
• Added new teachers to Teacher Place websites, Datawise, and Aeries.
• Uploaded new students into Moodle.

Library/Media Center site visits:
We will resume our Library/Media Center site visits on Tuesdays, starting on September 18th.

This is a time for the Media Specialists to help in the libraries and meet with teachers/staff regarding technology needs. We will also be providing research/library student trainings as well. Schedules will be made with the media clerks at each school.

The Media Specialists are assigned to visit the corresponding schools.

Karen Lagola                                  Brittany Sherman:                   Jennifer Peyrot:

LCMS: 8:30-11:30                      WO: 8:00-11:00                         CHAP: 8:00am-11pm
AHS: 12pm-3pm                          Sumac: 8:00am-11pm            RM: 12pm-3pm
BL: 8:00am-11pm                      WI: 12pm-3pm                           ACS: 12pm-3pm
LH: 12pm-3pm                             YB:12-3pm                                    CHS: 8:30-11:30

Drop-in Inservice:
We will resume our training sessions at the end of September. We will send out a schedule of workshops soon.

We encourage all teachers to invite us to grade level or department meetings to work with you in finding ways to integrate technology into lessons, find the resources you need to support your projects, offer database training and answer any tech issues that you may have.

If you haven't already, please subscribe to our blog to hear about latest news and get some great tech tips!

See you on campus!

The Media Specilaists

Friday Mornings at Starbucks and Google Translate

Two years ago I discovered teachers from Lupin Hill Elementary and LCMS meet Friday mornings 7:00 a.m. at the Starbucks on Las Virgenes Rd. I try to attend these gatherings each week.

This morning a third grade teacher was explaining how she is using Google Translate with a new student who speaks almost no English. The student is from China and speaks Cantonese. The teacher is able to speak in English and Google translates her speech to Cantonese writing. Rapid learning is taking place for both the student and teacher. Cheers to our teachers who are embracing technology tools to do what ever it takes to foster a learning environment.

Each week I learn about great things happening at these school sites. I often bring ideas and concerns back to our EdTech team from our teachers working with students. We are off to a great start of the new year.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Popping Online Resource: BrainPop

Welcome back LVUSD teachers!

The energy on campus was a buzz, and this resource will help keep your classroom Popping throughout the year. BrainPop has a lot of great resources to supplement your curriculum. Along with the free videos they have quizzes, activities and discussion starters, they also have free lesson plans and other resources. For the free videos click here, for the lesson plans and other resources click here. 

BrainPop Jr. has additional resources for K-3 teachers, found here.

For Sumac, AC Stelle, and Lindero teachers, your site has a subscription. Email me for login information if you can’t find anyone on campus that has the password.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

E-Reregistration Update

In the first 24 hours, 3,500 parents have successfully completed E-Registration.

We have responded to 500 emails and 150 phone calls and voice mails.

Go Team LVUSD!