Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Self-Paced Learning

While your relaxing this summer you may want to take the time to add some new tools to your toolkit.  The media specialists have created two self-paced classes that are topical and can be accessed at your leisure.  The first course was designed in our Moodle LMS environment.  It is a Common Core Resources course that gives you the latest news about Common Core with tools for creating lessons and rubrics.  To access this class click on this link: Common Core Standards Training

The next class was developed using iTunes U.  This is a relatively new tool that allows course managers to create online courses.  I have created the Flipped Classroom.  To access this course you will need to download the iTunesU app on your phone or device.  Once the app is downloaded select the Catalog Button at the top right of the app then select Enroll and add the code, FML-7W8-MHA..  The course will give you an outline and within each outline there are a series of posts with resources to view and use.  Hope you find these useful!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Knowmia Teach

I came across a great free app today called Knowmia Teach.  This is a lesson planning and recording tool for teachers.  It is great for those of you that are incorporating the "flipped classroom" into you classroom.  You can create short video lessons and share them with your students.  It also houses your lessons so you are creating your own video lesson library.  You can access this tool through the free app or their website

This tutorial is a good place to get started the app is really robust so you definitely want to utilize the tools provided on the website and through the app.




Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Learning Fun

After participating in a Twitter chat last night (find out more about this here) I was inspired to write a post about sharing out some of what the educators on the chat looked forward to exploring this summer. Thank you to everyone that contributed on Tuesday's #ntchat and my awesome teammates Karen Lagola and Brittany Sherman for some of these ideas.

*Disclaimer. This is not designed to be a task list. Summer is a great time for slowing down, learning at a comfortable pace without a deadline. Take what you like and leave the rest.


“Teach Like a Pirate” Yargh!  - Increasing student engagement and teacher creativity
“Mindset” The New Psychology of Success” -Understand fixed and growth mindset
“Thinking, Fast and Slow – Explain and harness the two ways we think

Productivity Tools:

Tools to Curate Content (for ease, use with web extension or bookmarklet):

  • EduClipper (The Pinterest of Education)

  • Evernote –Create and share notes/websites/pictures etc. on all devices. 

  • Claco – Collaborate and share resources. View my resources 

Design/Make Your Own:

-Create your own infographic: Piktochart,,
-Story Creation App’s: Puppet Pals, Video ScribeStorybird

Online Skeeball:

Using only your Chrome browser and your Smartphone play Skeeball aka Rollit on your own or with three friends.


Check out a Free Education Unconference Near You:

EdCamps – Happening all over the U.S.

Grow as a Twitter User:

May your summer plans turn out better than you imagine!