Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Airwatch the new iPad Management System

If you are an ipad user you  have been patiently waiting for me to set-up Airwatch the new device management system for all devices in the district. Well it is finally ready to go!!  The setting up of the back-end took more time than anticipated but it is now ready for users.  I have been emailing directions to users to enroll their devices on their own.  If you need help with the process or just need iPad help in general please come to the Ipad workshop tomorrow at the district office between 3:30-6:00 and I would be glad to help you.

Airwatch will allow me to push out apps to devices, send messages to certain device users, wipe and re-set devices when needed and track them. Just to clarify Airwatch pushes apps to each device's district app catalogue. You still need to install them onto the device by using an iTunes account. The good news is you, the user, gets  the control, you use your own iTunes account so that you can install apps and  app updates on your own.  The process is not a perfect one though.  If you have enrolled your device you have already experienced the annoying request for your iTunes password each time you install an app. If you are in a group like Speech you have about 30 apps to install the first time you enroll your device, so inputting your iTunes password 30 times is not fun! The reason for this is apple!  Since Airwatch is a third party system( not an apple product) apple needs to make sure that each app being installed has been purchased for that device.  When I purchase apps I buy them in quantity (there is a discount after 20 licenses) then I assign a licence number to the device.  When the device is enrolled into Airwatch the user (you) installs the apps by  entering the iTunes number each time.  In the Airwatch system the app licence goes from available to in-use and Apple gets a notification that the licence code has been used.   Now when you would like a new app you just need to call I can buy it (as long as the purchase has been approved by the powers that need to) and then it will appear in you app catalogue for you to install!  In the long run it will make all of our lives a bit easier!

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