Friday, November 30, 2012

Free eBooks for Teachers


Teachers in L.A. County can access free ebooks through the LACOE ITO eLibrary.  These resources are accessible  for teachers to use, but not students.  However, teachers can download eBooks on any device and share it with the whole class.  For example, teachers with iPads can download a book and then project it on the screen to read as a whole class!

There are currently about 500 books available, ranging from elementary, teen, professional development and more.  They will be adding to the collection in the future, so get access now and more will be provided later on. Don't be intimidated by the lengthy step-by-step process!  Your first time is a lot of setup, but you won't have to do this full process the next time you want to check out a book!

To get access, you can apply online.  Click here to be directed to the LACOE website to get a library card.

Here are the steps to download an eBook on a an iPad or tablet:
1. Go to the App Store and type in Overdrive
2. Install the app and type in your Apple ID
3. A window will open and prompt you to enter your Adobe ID
4. Choose the option to create a free account with Adobe
5. Fill out the appropriate fields to create an account
6. In the upper right hand corner, click on "Get Books"
7. Along the bottom, click on "Settings"
8. Click on "Authorize" under Adobe Authorization
9. Type in the username and password that you used to create your Adobe ID in step 3
10. Along the bottom, click on "Get Books"
11. Click on Get a Library and follow the prompts to find Los Angeles county office of education
12. Tap on the star on the left of Los Angeles county office of education, which will make it a favorite
13. Go back to "Get Books"  and click on the library you just added to your favorites
14. Browse the books and click "add to cart" if its available.  Some titles may need to "place a hold" if it is not currently available.
15. Tap "proceed to check out" and enter your library ID that you signed up for previously through LACOE
16. Download the book!  You're finally ready to read!

For computers:
Download adobe digital editions


  1. Awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing (just noticed a typo...#16: "you're" not "your) :)

  2. Thanks Jeremy for bringing that to my attention. I hope that teachers will take advantage of this great resource!