Monday, November 5, 2012

Edmodo’s Search Feature Finds Resources for Your Lesson Plans

The “Discover” feature on Edmodo allows you to search other teachers that are teaching the same topic, and posted lesson plans throughout Edmodo. All of the directions to use this feature can be found by clicking here. At this link you’ll find out how to add the resource to your Library, and share with others.

If you find that you are not able to use this feature, you may still have the old version. See the note at the bottom of this page to upgrade.*

There are 2 ways to search for resources for the content you are teaching in your classroom. Here are the notes from the Edmodo Help Center:

How to Browse Topics

1) Two ways to browse topics to get to the Topic page:

  • Suggestions Tab: Check in and then click on the topic you are currently teaching directly under the check in box, or click on “view the topic page”.

  • Browse Topics Tab: Type your topic in the “Search Topic” box and select the topic from the dropdown list, or click on the topic selection below the search field. Click “More” next to the topic to further break down the topic.

2) View the Topic page:

  • Who Else is Teaching: Top left of page, view other teachers checked in to this topic

  • Current Trending Resources: Left section of page gives you top publicly shared links in Edmodo communities. View how many times each resource has been downloaded by the blue +number at the bottom of the resource box.

  • Related Topics: Upper right section of page, click related topics to view topic pages.

  • Top Content: Most popular resources on that topic, based on view counts and added-to-library counts.

*If you have not switched to the new version you will need to do so to have access to this feature. You’ll know if you don’t have the latest version, because your home page won’t look like the picture below. Click here to find out how to switch to the latest version.



  1. This is a very helpful resource that I plan to share with my colleagues. A great how-to for using the Discover feature.

  2. This was a very useful tool, thanks for sharing and the mini tutorial when you came to our school. I was also able to find great websites that other grade levels at my school were interested in.