Friday, June 7, 2013

Summer Learning Fun

After participating in a Twitter chat last night (find out more about this here) I was inspired to write a post about sharing out some of what the educators on the chat looked forward to exploring this summer. Thank you to everyone that contributed on Tuesday's #ntchat and my awesome teammates Karen Lagola and Brittany Sherman for some of these ideas.

*Disclaimer. This is not designed to be a task list. Summer is a great time for slowing down, learning at a comfortable pace without a deadline. Take what you like and leave the rest.


“Teach Like a Pirate” Yargh!  - Increasing student engagement and teacher creativity
“Mindset” The New Psychology of Success” -Understand fixed and growth mindset
“Thinking, Fast and Slow – Explain and harness the two ways we think

Productivity Tools:

Tools to Curate Content (for ease, use with web extension or bookmarklet):

  • EduClipper (The Pinterest of Education)

  • Evernote –Create and share notes/websites/pictures etc. on all devices. 

  • Claco – Collaborate and share resources. View my resources 

Design/Make Your Own:

-Create your own infographic: Piktochart,,
-Story Creation App’s: Puppet Pals, Video ScribeStorybird

Online Skeeball:

Using only your Chrome browser and your Smartphone play Skeeball aka Rollit on your own or with three friends.


Check out a Free Education Unconference Near You:

EdCamps – Happening all over the U.S.

Grow as a Twitter User:

May your summer plans turn out better than you imagine!


  1. Great post; thanks, Jennifer! You’ve got some fantastic ideas here, and I now feel inspired to think through my own summer plans.

  2. Thank you Moss! I'm certain that whatever you do it will be great.