Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Aeries.Net: Why I'm Sold

Attending the Aeries conference exposed me to a ton of information, the most interesting/helpful was Aeries.Net. There are many similarities between .Net and ABI, but .Net looks cleaner (or in the trainers words "offers a more consolidated menu feature") and has more functions. Changing from ABI will be a challenge, but I believe it will be worth it. Here are a few reasons why:

-No more "Submit" button. Recording information in the gradebook and attendance happens on the fly. No longer will you have to reenter information because you forgot to click the "Submit" button.
-Right clicking (or "Control" click for Mac users). Quick access to the layers that previously required several different selections.
- The Student Profile has a lot more useful information including: state testing data, attendance summary, current programs, grad status, and gradebook summary.
-Seating Chart arrangement is much easier to use, done by dragging and dropping.
-Spreadsheet type view, now you can view all your assignments at the same time.
-You can COPY YOUR GRADEBOOK OR SOMEBODY ELSE'S. You're able to modify the gradebook to suit your needs. Easy year/semester gradebook rollover.
-You can upload files to your assignments. Instead of having to put assignments on your teacher webpage you can put them where you'll eventually post your grade.
-Extra Credit assignment feature.

NOTE: Once you start using .Net with your students you'll need to stay or risk corrupting data switching back to ABI. You can try out Aeries.net (and see the parent
view) by going to the demo site https://demo.aeries.net

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