Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Watch Sumac Students Create Geometry Stories

Eric Tally allowed me to film his 3rd grade class last week as students learned geometry by creating animations. Eric used Frames, which was installed on the classroom computers. There is a cost associated with Frames, but there are free websites that allow for story creation (they are more limited than Frames). There are also several story creation iPad apps.

A few helpful tips that allowed Mr. Tally’s class to run smoothly:

  1. Remind students to save their work, regularly and often.

  2. Check for understanding that students know how to use the device and features before sending them off to use it.

  3. Have students create only parts of the story, teach them software features incrementally then let them practice what they just learned.

  4. Review content during the time they are creating their animation.

  5. If you don’t have enough devices for each student, students can work on different aspects of the assignment, or other classroom work while they are waiting their turn.

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