Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Spice up Your Teacher Webpage or Blog by Adding a Widget

I recently helped a teacher get her online book shelf, via Amazon’s Shelfari, posted on her teacher webpage and found that there are widgets for every teacher! If you don't find one for you, there's a website where you (or a savvy student) can create one. Read on to discover a widget you may want for your teacher webpage. Click here for directions on how to post the widget to your teacher webpage.

Mrs. Kimball's Shelfari Widget


This list below abbreviated from a blog post. The full post has many more widgets and explanation of how to add the widgets to a blog. 


Flickr Slideshow and Badges - Easily add photos from your flickr account to your sidebar.

YouTube - Place in YouTube channels or top trending videos. 


Google Translate – Instantly translate your blog into many different languages. 


Shelfari - Show off your favorite books for others to see.

Education Atlas – Free thesaurus and dictionary widget with many features. 

Science & Math

Science Score – A science question of the day. Students can even enter to win prizes.

Wolfram Alpha – Quite possibly the best resource on this list – Wolfram Alpha contains hundreds of customizable math and science widgets, including unit converters, weather tools, graphing calculators, problem solvers, and much more. This might be the only resource math and science students and teachers need for their blogs! 


Info Please – Nice looking “this day in history” widget that displays multiple events and updates every day.

Timeline Index – 30 different timelines showcasing several different periods of history – including US presidents, world history outline, philosophers, and explorers. 

Talking Avatars

Voki - Add a speaking and highly customizable avatar to your blog.  Record you voice, create a character, and much more!


Sweet Search – Place a search box for a trusted and safe for students search engine. 

Google Apps

Google Maps – Embed a Google map – complete with directions, street views, and more.

Google Gadgets – Choose from hundreds of different widgets, including games, trivia and more.

Widget Sites & Collections –The definite go-to place to find and build your own widgets. Edublogs uses several widgets from here on our main site!


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