Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fix Your Glitchy SMART Board

Has your SMART Board been acting glitch since you returned to your classroom. If so, you may need to update your software. NOTE: There are two places you need to check for an update.

For both steps you need to make sure your computer is plugged into the SMART Board.


First Update
-Open up your Notebook software. Select the “Help” at the top of the screen.
-Select “Check for Updates and Activation.”
-Update any of the products that need to be updated. Simply follow the directions after you select update. 
Second Update
-Open up your Applications folder
-Open the folder “SMART Technologies”
-Open the folder “SMART Tools”
-Double click “Firmware Updater” and follow the directions.

Hopefully this will solve all of your SMART Board issues = ]

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  1. Thanks very much Jennifer. We have several different types of Smart Boards in the math department and our level of competence ranges from those who are quite adept to those who are complete tyros (my end of the distribution).