Monday, June 11, 2012

Teacher(s) Spotlight: A (Mostly) Paperless Classroom

When I first met Carol Colman at AC Stelle I would never have guessed that she initially refused to use email when the district rolled it out. I was there to troubleshoot the problem she was having with student enrollment in her Moodle course. As is generally the case when using new technology, there were some problems.  Carol worked through it and in roughly 3 weeks she posted all homework assignments and quizzes to Moodle. All this before knowing how to add an attachment to an email! She said that even though there is a time investment in using Moodle it is simple, she will have the work forever which means she won’t have so many copies to make.

This once hesitant teacher is now leading the way in building a 21st century classroom and community. Carol plans on going mostly paperless next year, has helped me to better understand Moodle, and is supporting another teacher in the school trying to use Moodle. As she was showing me how to use Moodle, Jody Hepps walked in who also recently started using this tool and taught both Carol and I the feature of having students discuss topics. Both of these woman said they would be happy to help other teachers at their school site learn this tool as they have found it so helpful. What an inspiration!

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