Friday, June 15, 2012

Exciting Aeries Enhancements Coming Next School Year

Eagle Software is already preparing for many new and exciting changes that will be available for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year.

In addition to Aeries Analytics and the new Aeries Teacher and Parent/Student Portals, we wanted to highlight some of the changes that will be released over the summer to be available for the new school year:

Student’s Form Address Fields:

As most Students have a residence address, and fewer have different mailing addresses, we have adjusted the order of these fields on the Students form and added logic to automatically match the addresses if they are the same.   If different, you merely specify so and keep that mailing address current.  This will help with data entry as well as third party vendors who pull only the mailing address field and will no longer require you to manually duplicate data!

Student “Add” Process:

With so many Students being inadvertently re-entered into your District and causing duplicates, we have enhanced the Add process to require a thorough District search before adding a new student.  The search logic not only takes multiple criteria into consideration, but should the student truly be new to the District, data entered for the search is automatically placed into the new Students record!

Sibling Matching:

When unable to locate a student in the District Add process, you will be able to search for an existing Sibling enrolled in the District.  If a Sibling is located, then their information can be pulled into the new Student record.  The existing sibling data does not need to be re-entered for the new Student.  The Family Key will also be assigned to the new student at that time.

Sync Data for Active and Pre-Enrolled:

We are implementing a process that will keep live Student data and any pre-enrolled records automatically synchronized!  There is a setup form to define the fields to sync, but defaults are automatically added so the process will be in place for next Spring when you create ‘copies’ of data for Scheduling incoming students.

Have a great summer!

Eagle Software

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