Saturday, April 7, 2012

iPad App - Notability

Mary Schillinger asked me if I knew of a better application than the standard "Notes" on the iPad. A few minutes later she showed me Notability. This is a $.99 app from the App Store with 686 responders giving it a 4.5 of 5 rating.

I used the application recently at an all day meeting. I was able to take notes freestyle with my finger, type, highlight, add sound, and pictures to the notes I was taking.

Plus: Yellow Pad on steroids. Flexible application with helpful management tools.

Minus: File management is not that intuitive and it is hard to make changes to the structure you create.

I agree with the 4.5 rating and recomend this app.



  1. There are so many applications out there it is hard to know what to pick. Your explanation of the application is similar to reviews of education focused app's found at
    This is a site where educator's can find reviews and rate applications. Along with this there is now a menu at the top of this blog, titled "App's" that includes a list of some of the education applications our team discovered at the CUE Conference we recently attended.
    We will continue to add to this list to keep you all updated with the latest and greatest!
    One of my favorite links from this menu is
    They list applications that are free for a limited time. Subscribe to them so that you can stay current of free app's before the promotion expires.

  2. Evernote is the most flexible note taking app I've found and is available for free for all mobile and desktop platforms. I syncs seamlessly across devices through cloud based services and allows every type of note conceivable, including video and audio.its an extensible system and there are education centric options for iPads and iPhones.