Thursday, April 12, 2012

DNS and A Rough Spring Break For The EdTech Department

DNS stands for "Domain Name Services". DNS is how the Internet uses names such as to translate to numbers called TCP/IP addresses such as . If you type this IP address into your browser you will get

The week before Spring break our department received feedback that the "Internet" was slow. By Monday morning of this week Bryan Starr, Douglas McDuff, and I narrowed the issue to our internal DNS servers (5). We spent the day correcting the problem. From my perspective, the "Interent" at our schools should always be faster than what our users experience at home.

Our internal systems are now working great. The problem is that some of our computer labs and computers at sites do not automatically pick up on the changes we have made. All new teacher equipment should be fine. Without proper DNS settings users will not be able to get to internal resources such as Aeries and Email and will not be able to get to the Internet. If you discover this is the case for you please go to a computer that is working and submit a work order at

Our tech team is busy going to each school site resetting the labs and front office staff computers.

If you are tech savvy and can check your own settings, the new DNS IP addresses inside our network are and

I titled this post with 'A Rough Spring Break" because on Wednesday morning we lost electrical power at the district office. Our emergency generator kept the servers working through out the day until power was restored at 4:45 p.m. This was fortunate because our techs were able to keep working at sites on this DNS issue. It is nice to know that we can keep your systems operating if we loose power at the district office.

We continue to look forward to seeing you at our Wednesday Drop In Inservices starting back up this week.


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