Friday, April 27, 2012

Flipped Classrooms

Within the last couple of months “flipped classrooms” has become a buzz word. So what exactly is a flipped classroom?

Simply put, a flipped classroom shifts the place for direct instruction from the classroom to home, and homework to the classroom.  Students watch 5-7 min. videos on a subject created by the teacher, or another teacher, at home. Then during class the students apply the new content through engaging activities.

For example, a biology student could watch a video on photosynthesis for homework and come to the classroom the next day to complete a lab.

There are several benefits to this model, some include: greater differentiation in the classroom, appeal to multiple learning styles, and helping the student that would give up on their homework because they can’t get their question answered at home.

Here is a link to my Evernote notebook on Flipped Classrooms. This includes articles and webpages on best practices, free tech. resources for flipped classrooms, experiences of teachers implementing the classrooms, a guide for administrators and more:

Here is a 13 min. segment from 60 Minutes on the Khan Academy and flipped classrooms. You will hear the story about how Khan Academy, and essentially flipped classrooms, was started.



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