Tuesday, December 3, 2013

eduCanon: Build and share interactive video lessons

eduCanon is a new online environment created by teachers for teachers. Free to use (registration required), members begin with a video they have created or found on YouTube or Vimeo and add questions to it, thereby turning passive viewing into an active experience for students. Users of the free version can add multiple choice questions only, while paid users can also have free response questions. All users can add images to their questions, as well as audio, tables, and web links. Once you have created a video, you assign it to your students.

As students watch the video, they must answer the questions before they can proceed to the next section. Students receive immediate feedback on their answers and can rewind if they wish to review part or all of the video. Dividing the content into smaller components and presenting it in this way increases student engagement and understanding. In addition, eduCanon provides you the opportunity to monitor student progress and proficiency to inform future instruction.

eduCanon videos can be used to introduce or review material as part of a flipped classroom experience, but you can also use them in class, or have students use higher-order thinking skills to create their own interactive videos (at present, they will need a teacher account to do so, although the company reports they are working on allowing video creation from student accounts). If you are using a computer, you can use any major browser to build or view eduCanon videos. Students can also watch videos on an iPad.

Here is a video to introduce you to what eduCanon does:

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