Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Linda Yollis Nominated for International Edublog Awards



Linda Yollis, a 2/3 combo teacher at Chaparral Elementary, class blog has been nominated for several international Edublog Awards!  The purpose of the Edublog Awards is to promote and demonstrate the educational value of social media.

She is nominated in the following categories:

1.  Best Class Blog -  Mrs. Yollis' Classroom Blog

2. Influential Post - Mrs. Yollis' "November is Family Blogging Month"

3.  Three former students are also nominated. You can choose! :-)
Come Somersault With Sarah (4th grader/Bay Laurel)

              Jaden's Awesome Blog (5th grader/Chaparral)
              Miriam's Magical Moments (5th grader/Bay Laurel)


Click here to be taken to the voting page. Use the DROP DOWN MENU to choose a category and vote.

You do not need to sign up for anything to vote.
You can vote daily and on multiple devices! (laptops, smart phones, ipads...)
Only one vote per category per day will be counted per IP address.
You can forward this email to relatives or coworkers (if appropriate).
Daily voting end this Sunday, December 9.

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